Bath Relaxer® "The Multi Functional Bath Pillow"

"One of the most sought after bath accessories of 2014" - Weekend Magazine

"A versatile, multifunctional bath pillow. It will even stop you sliding down the bath if you put it under your bottom" - The Daily Mirror

"You'll never slide down the tub again" - Love it! Magazine


Bath Relaxer® The Multi Functional Bath Pillow

Bath Relaxer
The Multi Functional Bath Pillow
No More Sliding Down The Bath

Item number Bath Relaxer® The Multi Functional Bath Pillow
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"If sliding down the tub is a problem then this will come in very handy" - Birmingham Mail

"Bath Relaxer® will change your bath experience for the better" - My Student Style

"Great to simply make the soak more comfortable" - Daily Post

Bath Relaxer® is so multi functional that you can take your Bath Relaxer® anywhere. Just inflate your Bath Relaxer® wherever you are and you'll have the perfect relaxing cushion not only for the bath but for the train, the plane, the car, the park, even in bed. That's why Bath Relaxer® really is the multi functional bath pillow.